As a business leader, you should always be looking for ways in which you can improve your business efficiency, while cutting down on unnecessary costs. This is what makes it so difficult when it comes time to upgrade your company’s communications tools, as many of the more modern features may seem like a waste of money if what you need to do can be achieved via email or phone calls.


As such, this article aims to help you understand more about how modern technologies can benefit modern businesses, as well as provide tactics on how to get the best service, without wasting money on unnecessary features.


Carefully Consider what your Business Actually Needs

In the same way that buying a bus to transport one employee could be considered a waste of money, you don’t want to spend capital on tools or services you don’t really need. So take some time to seriously consider what types of communications tools you would actually utilize within your office. By doing so, you can ensure that you acquire services that add real value to your business, rather than wasting money on services that you won’t ever use. For example, if you run a large creative organization, you would certainly be capable of benefitting from live video collaboration tools. In comparison, such tools would not be necessary for a small business comprised of three individuals in the same room, as these individuals could simply turn to each other to talk or even work on the same computer. As such, if your employees are located in different states or countries but need to collaborate regularly, then take this into consideration when it comes time to invest in modern technologies for inter-office communications.


Communicate Your Plans with Your Stakeholders

In the same way as the point above, and as CEB agrees, you will also want to invest some time into finding out what your employees would like or need, since they may be the ones who will be utilizing the tools the most. Additionally, you don’t want to invest large amounts of capital into a new communications system, only to have it ignored or seldom utilized by your employees. So connect with them each in a personal setting and gather insights. Often, the most valuable insights can be gained from the most unexpected places, so never underestimate the value that an employee could offer you in terms of inter-office insights.


Acquire Services that are Multifunctional, Cater to a Variety of Needs

If you believe that it’s time to upgrade the communications tools within your office, find a provider like BlueJeans, with a business video conferencing system that can offer more than just video calls, and can complement your existing tools and cater to all of your business’s communications needs. This way, you don’t have to invest in multiple brands, and can instead rely on one trusted brand to handle it all.

Additional functionality that you could utilize within an office includes:

  • File sharing functionality for departments to conveniently and instantly share or deliver their work.
  • Business-to-consumer capabilities that allow you to offer more personal customer service via video calls.
  • Project and time management services, to ensure that your projects are never delayed by trivial matters or confusion between employees.
  • Live collaboration tools for your employees to collaborate on projects in real time – even if they are located in different offices, states or even countries.
  • Cloud functionality and computing services, which can eliminate the need for unnecessary software installation and management and allow for employees to log in from a wide variety of different devices.


Understand How the Tools could Otherwise Benefit your Business

When investing new modern communications technologies, a great idea is to consider how the same tools could also benefit other areas of your business. One such area where such tools could certainly offer advantages, as shared by Scoro, is in customer service – in which you could build more personal relationships with consumers by connecting with them face-to-face. And rather than dealing with them over impersonal phone calls or email, with video conferencing you can smile, laugh and truly express how your company values them. And as a final note, consider how consumers are constantly adapting to the ever-advancing modern world, as well as how they may soon expect such technologies from the brands they love.


As the final decision-maker in your business, you need to carefully think about precisely what features in modern communications tools could best benefit your business – as well as which may be a waste of capital. However, be sure that you never underestimate the value of possible insights from the employees who will be utilizing the services, so take the time to speak with everyone involved in order to create the best plan of action.