Today I am proud to announce that myself and a group of 11 other bloggers are releasing our eBook titled – The A-Z of Saving Money. This is pretty exciting news for me, as I have wanted to release a book for quite a while now, but I could never find the time to do it myself.

The A-Z of Saving Money Book

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The Story Behind the Book

For most of my adult life I have been interested in finances. I had an interest in investing (including the stock market, Forex market and even the property market) as well as general finance topics and saving money for as long as I can remember. I have always been a go to person for many of my friends when it came to managing money, I believe this is probably because my parents did a good of educating my brothers and I about money when we were growing up (even if it was on the more conservative side).

I distinctly remember writing a large Facebook post regarding money about 9 months ago, and having a friend tell me that I should start a blog. At the time I didn’t see the point of starting one, as I thought no one would ever visit, or be interested in what I had to say. Despite my reservations, a few months later I created Monster Piggy Bank – and I am glad that I did.

When I started blogging just over 6 months ago, I decided pretty early on that I wanted to write a book to try and help people to better managing their finances. I had a heap of different topics that I felt I could help people to better understand, and while I was able to cover many of the topics on this blog, I really wanted to engage with as many readers as possible. So I thought a book would be the best way to achieve this goal.

Whilst I was on holidays last year, I started writing The A-Z of Saving Money. But I soon realised after going back to work, that I didn’t have the time required to work an 8 hour day, maintain a blog and write a book all at the same time. Plus with my wife being pregnant, I knew that once the baby arrived I was going to have significantly less time available than I currently did. So I decided that I would ask the personal finance community if any of the other great bloggers out there would be interested in helping me out. Fortunately the personal finance internet community is one of the most helpful around, and I had plenty of bloggers contact me who were interested in helping me to create the book.

Collaborating with other bloggers worked out to be a great idea, as not only have we been able to complete the book, but by having bloggers with such diverse backgrounds helping to contribute, we have managed to generate some really excellent content – far beyond what I would have been able to achieve on my own.


About the Book

The book itself is priced at $14.99 and has 26 chapters (1 for each letter of the alphabet) and has just over 45,000 words of content (So as you can see we have all put in quite a bit of effort to bring this to you). Each chapter covers a different topic and is focused on either helping you save money, or increasing your ability to generate additional income. Not all chapters within the book will apply to all people, but I am confident that there are enough great hints and tips throughout the book to make it worth your while reading. I have even had a few of the authors get back to me after reading the entire book saying that they were unable to put the book down and that they learned quite a bit by reading the book.



No book launch would be complete without a giveaway to go with it!

The Prize: We are giving away $250 cash and a free copy of the book.

So be sure to get your entries in by using the widget below and I hope you will consider purchasing the book and getting back to me with your feedback.
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