My wife and I don’t really get into the whole chocolate giving thing that happens at Easter for each other. We do for our little boy, but we both find that the Easter eggs and other assortments of Easter chocolates just cost way too much money for what they are, plus, there are plenty of other far more delicious chocolate treats on offer that don’t sport the Easter tag.


So rather than wasting a heap of money on Easter eggs, we tend to go out to the shops on the Easter Monday and see what’s available for cheap. Sometimes you can see Easter eggs for up to 75% off, which means that I can save a lot of money if I want to buy some. It doesn’t bother me if I eat chocolate on a Sunday or a Monday – Easter has become so commercialized that, like Christmas, the real meaning has been eroded over time.

Obviously my wife and I would be better off not buying anything at all, but sometimes the prices are almost too good to refuse. So we quite often end up buying $5-$10 worth of chocolate, which prior to Easter would have cost us well over $30.



So what does everyone else do when it comes to Easter? Do you wait for bargains like me, do you no buy anything at all, or do you buy pre-Easter/