Being in the personal finance blogging space, you get to hear about some pretty interesting ways to save money. Most of the time they are all what I would consider good tips/advice, however, recently I was watching the TV and saw some serious tightness in action.


I’m pretty sure I have spoken about the show at least once before, but I was watching Extreme Cheapskates – a show where people are proud of how cheap they are and how much money they are saving. Something about the show tickles the right spot for me, but at the same time it also shows me that I’m definitely frugal and not tight/cheap.

Anyway, there was an Extreme Cheapskates marathon on the other day, and I watched 2 episodes. In one, the couple tried to beat each other in how much money they saved each month, and this lead to probably the most cheap and disgusting thing I have heard of to date – using the same tooth floss…

The second episode featured a woman who was so concerned about the price of power that she was doing things like cooking and vacuuming after midnight. She also used her chainsaw after midnight to cut down trees as it was electric and she didn’t want to waste the money – Not only is this super unsafe, but i’m sure her neighbors love it.

The other thing that this family did to save money was to burn their trash rather than have it picked up by the local council. Her child was complaining about the smell and how he felt unwell when the trash was burning.



What are some of the most cheap things that you have seen or heard of?