At some point in our lives, many of us feel a little worried or anxious about money. It might be that you’re struggling to save up for something, or you just don’t feel like you’re earning enough to live comfortably each month. Whatever the scenario, what you’ll be pleased to hear is there are simple little changes you can make that can help you to save.

On top of this, these approaches aren’t hugely difficult nor will they take you to the extremes of having to get a second job. So don’t continue to feel the tightening of purse strings, or be sat worrying until pay day, read on to find out how you can help yourself.

Money Jar

Live more economically

One of the more popular things to do is to adopt a greener, and more economical, approach to life. Lots of little changes from having showers instead of baths, to turning off all appliances at the wall and using energy saving bulbs in your light fixtures helps cut the cost of your utilities. Equally, if you own a car, how you drive your car has a big bearing on your fuel consumption and indeed your vehicle’s longevity. You can find out more about how to drive more economically here.


Plan your social life

Everyone needs time to unwind and relax, but if you’re going out every weekend and spending lots of money on socialising then you need to sort this out. Limit yourself to a few drinks on the weekend, or why not suggest going out for a walk to your friends or visiting some less expensive local attractions in your social time?


Shop around for vouchers

Living more affordably doesn’t necessarily mean doing without nice food and drink though, you just need to look in the right places. A simple internet search will bring up numerous sites that can offer discount codes and food vouchers that’ll see you make great savings.


Choose the second-hand markets

In a similar approach to the above you can look for clothing discounts, or failing that, scour the second-hand markets and boutiques for your new wardrobe. It’s not uncommon to stumble across some trendy bargains in charity shops, so you can still look stylish without the high expenses.

A final piece of advice is to be consistent with whichever of the above you choose. As your finances start to become a bit healthier avoid reverting back to your old ways. Stick to the new lifestyle you’ve adopted and you might find yourself much better off than ever before.