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Starting a claim can seem to be a little scary at first, but if you are entitled to compensation it should be claimed. Any injuries which stop you from being able to work mean you’re missing time you should be spending earning money.

It’s not a good idea to see claims as a quick cash fix. Some can last a long time, and if you go into it just for the sake of getting unjustified money, you’re going to cause trouble for yourself.

But that’s exactly what these three claimants were thinking…


Pointing the finger

In 2005, one Anna Ayla was surprised to find a full, human finger in her chilli while at a Wendy’s restaurant. The fast food company took a real hit to their sales after regular diners were disgusted at the thought of finding body parts in their food.

After Ayla filed a claim against Wendy’s it transpired that the whole thing was a hoax. Her and her husband had managed to get the finger from a friend who had lost it in an accident, and planted it in the chilli to file the false claim.


The most expensive pants in the world

Judge Roy Pearson was less than happy when a dry cleaning service did not live up to the ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ sign in their window. After leaving the pants in the care of dry cleaner owners the Chungs, he was dismayed to hear they had been sent to another shop by mistake. When the pants were found, the Judge claimed they weren’t actually his – despite the receipt and tags which proved otherwise.

So he made a claim for $54 million and would not back down for five years, when the case was eventually dismissed.


Counting coupons

A woman in New Jersey decided to sue department store Century, since she believes she was ripped off after she used a coupon.

Miss Gerson used a $5 off coupon for her $106.82 shop, and when she attempted to return one item was told that she would only be refunded the amount which she paid with the coupon. That means she had $0.80 taken off the refund.

How much did she want to sue the department store? $5 million.

If you think you have cause for compensation, your first port of call should be either a lawyer company such as First 4 Lawyers, or the Citizens Advice Bureau. If you have a serious claim, the pay-out can often be what you need to get back on your feet. Don’t be afraid of looking into a claim if you believe you have one. For no win no fee advice, click here.