If you remember a few weeks ago I spoke about doing a share house to save money on accommodation when going on vacation, well I didn’t post last week as I was on that vacation I mentioned for my Mothers 60th.

I decided I would leave both my physical and virtual life at home for the week and just enjoy myself and so that meant that I didn’t update my site or respond to any emails (sorry to those people I took a long time to get back to).

We stayed on North Stradbroke Island for the week, which is a 45 minute ferry ride from the mainland. Unfortunately it’s winter time over here, so it wasn’t great for swimming, but we did manage to get to the beach a number of times. Interestingly, the temperature wasn’t anywhere near as cold as we were expecting it to be, and my wife ended up having to buy some shorts from a local store as she only packed long winter pants.

I enjoy getting away from it all every once in a while, but the downside is that I tend to get a little loose with the purse strings when we go away and then when we get back I go full savings nerd again. I know that we went to the island with $250 in my wallet and only returned with $40. Considering we were away for 7 days, that’s $30 a day we spent and that didn’t include groceries or accommodation – whoops.

We also didn’t eat very healthily, although it was only 1 week, so i’m pretty sure we can work out way back. I don’t mind eating out a bit more when we go away as it’s not really a lot of fun having to cook and clean when you’re on vacation.

Anyway, I took a few photos which i’ll include below. If you’ve never been to stradbroke island, I recommend it, although try and go in summer and when it’s sunny.



IMG_6333 IMG_6462 IMG_6595