FootyThis weekend Australia will be gripped by football fever. Today in about 4 hours time we have the AFL grand final and tomorrow we will have the NRL grand final.

As the majority of readers of this website are from the US, most of you will have no idea what AFL (Aussie Rules Football) or NRL (Rugby League) is.  In short they are different codes of football which are played in Australia. This weekend is similar to that of the US Super Bowl, only our players don’t wear any padding and there are no extravagant halftime shows.

The great thing about Finals Footy is that normally someone in the neighborhood will throw a party and everyone will crowd around the Barbeque (BBQ) and then the TV for a couple of hours. Even when the game is finished the festivities can carry on well into the night.

Should you not know someone having a party, it’s common knowledge that every pub or club will be having some sort of grand final function going on over the weekend and you will be able to enjoy the action no matter where you go.


The cost of throwing a Party

As I started up my Texas Smoker BBQ this morning it got me thinking about how much finals football is actually going to cost.

Smoker BBQ

To get this baby smoking I needed:

  • Heat Beads  – $25
  • Charcoal – $20
  • Fire Starters – $18
  • Matches – $3
  • Smoking Chips – $12
  • Aluminum Trays – $15

BBQ Total: $93

Then there is the cost of food and drinks:

  • Meat – $40
  • Salad – $10
  • Vegetables – $10
  • Beer / Spirits – $100 (1 Carton of Beer and 1 of Spirits)
  • Soft Drinks – $10
  • Chips / Dip / Crisps – $15

Food & Drinks Total: $185

Overall Total: $278

Fortunately I had most of the BBQ items already, but it could still add up to be an expensive day. It would probably be cheaper to go to a pub, but it’s always more comfortable to be in your own home or at a mates house.


How to Save Money

A couple of easy ways to save money when throwing a party is to ask everyone who is coming to bring their own drinks. Drinks are the single biggest item of the party list and everyone tends to like different drinks anyway.

Another way is to get everyone to bring something. As an example say you are having a small group of 5 friends over. You could organize the following:

  • Person 1 to bring chips
  • Person 2 to bring soft drink
  • Person 3 to bring salad
  • Person 4 to bring vegetables
  • Person 5 to bring dips
  • Everyone brings something to put on the BBQ for lunch and something to drink

Doing things this way will only have to pay for setting up the BBQ and things you yourself want to eat.


Anyway I need to get back to my BBQ and make sure I don’t burn anything…

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Thanks Glen