It seems that no matter the day or time, whenever I leave to go to work I end up getting stuck in traffic. Morning after morning, it’s more of the same thing. Some mornings I will take 30 minutes to get through it, others it can be over an hour – it sucks!


Obviously I have considered things like taking a train to work, which has the major benefit of avoiding the traffic, but it also has a number of pitfalls. Number 1 being the expense associated with taking the train each day, which is about $15 a day or $75 a week, then I still have to walk between the station and my workplace. My car on the other hand costs only about $35 a week to run in fuel, so over the course of an entire year, that’s a lot of extra money for me to spend on something that’s a lot less convenient.


Something I had not really ever given any proper consideration to is riding a motorbike to work. It’s far cheaper than both the train and the car, plus, one thing I noticed each morning while i’m sitting in the traffic is how quickly the bikes are able to zoom through it all. It’s almost like the cars aren’t even on the road and the bike riders are laughing at us while they carry on their merry way.

So why haven’t I got a bike then?

Well for starters I don’t have a lot of money to play with at the moment, so shelling out for a motorbike doesn’t make a lot of sense, although it’s easy enough to borrow money if I decide it’s a worthwhile option.

I also don’t like how often bike riders seem to be involved in serious accidents on the road. It’s almost a nightly occurrence where I am listening to the news  and hearing about how a bike rider is in a serious condition after being involved in an accident. It’s often not even the riders fault, but careless drivers on the road.

Maybe i’ll just have to deal with it until teleportation machines are invented, or perhaps even jetpacks – although I suspect they would be even more dangerous than a motorcycle.

What do you guys think?