Building a house is a pretty big deal, and you want to get everything just right when you consider just how much money you are pumping into it. Most of you that have followed my blog for a while will know that my wife and I went through the process of buying land and then having a builder build our house. At the time I thought it was going to be fairly simple, however as it turns out, there are plenty of different things that you have to consider when building a house, some of which are quite unusual.

As I had never built a house before I didn’t really know what to look for, or what some of the common pitfalls were. However now that my wife and I are seriously considering building another new house, there are plenty of things that we will be doing differently this time around.


1 – See through glass doorways

One thing that Alexis and I HATE, is our front door way. Here, i’ll take a photo for you.

Barking dogWhat we have a problem with is that our dog Ricky (also featured) has problems whenever someone walks past the front of our house. He goes into full on guard dog mode and won’t stop barking until the threat is gone, or someone comes down the house to see what the matter is.

2 – Windows in your toilet room

Something else that we didn’t think of was having your loos on the side of the house so you could have a window into them. One of the toilets in our house is completely surrounded by internal rooms and has no window. This means that we put in a airflow exhaust fan which turns on as soon as someone hits the light switch. The problem with this is that during winter it is so damn cold in there that I never want to go to the loo and so I end up using the other one that we have in our en-suite.

hero air exhaust

3 – Power Points

You can never have too many power points. Always get double power points and don’t forget to put some outside and in you garage. We also have one on the end of our kitchen bench, and it is one of the most frequently used power points in the house.

power points2

4 – Lighting

Think about your lighting really hard. We tried to save money on lighting and now have some rooms that just don’t illuminate as well as you would expect and others which have lighting in the wrong area – like our kitchen which has plenty of light, but it is right above you. The problem with that is that you are always working in your own shadow, which makes chopping things very dangerous.

Also consider light switches and your placement. get lots of dual light switches where you can turn on or off a light from multiple locations – it is so handy.


5 – Noise Flow

The biggest problem I have left to last, and that’s noise flow. Currently my sons bedroom is right next to our kitchen. This means that every night and morning we have to be as quite as a mouse so as to not wake him. The obvious thing to do is to move his bedroom, however all the bedrooms are right next to the entertaining area or kitchen, so all of them have the same problem.


My advice, keep bedrooms all together away from the living and working areas of the house.


So there you have it. Have you got any unusual advice for people building a house?