Sad news for me – This was my last week of long service leave and I start back at work next week 🙁 Everyone said that by the time my leave was up, I would be wanting to go back to work to get a break, but they couldn’t have been more wrong. If anything, having this time away from work has shown me that I need to spend more time working on my extra income streams! That way I can spend my time with my wife and new son, rather than slaving away at the 9 to 5.



I had a minor hosting nightmare recently. The new VPS hosting that I moved to was blistering fast, but the availability was terrible. So throughout the week I had to move my site again! This time I moved to Known Host / Rocket VPS who have far better availability metrics, and to my surprise offer just as fast servers. Hopefully everything will be OK now, and hopefully the other host honors their 30 day money back guarantee – otherwise expect a big bitch post next week…


Blog Love

A few weeks ago I was feeling pretty lonely over here, as I managed to get zero links back to my site 🙁 What a difference two weeks makes! Last week either everyone was feeling very sorry for me, or they really enjoyed this post about Time and Money as I got heaps of people sending me link love – thanks everyone I really appreciate it 🙂


Kyle from Rather be Shopping sent me this infographic the other day, it’s pretty interesting so feel free to check it out 🙂


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Search Terms

Here are some of the search terms that I enjoyed that sent people to my site this week:

  • i feel bad when i spend money – Perhaps you should stop spending so much then?
  • how can i sacrifice my time –  Why would you want to? Time is precious, stop wasting it.
  • making up for a misspent youth now at age 40 – Mid life crisis anyone?
  • walk out basement burglar – OK, not sure what that’s about.
  • disadvantages of eco friendly funerals – What? I didn’t even know there was such a thing…
  • paying off debt without sacrificing your sanity – good luck with that.


This Weeks Best Posts

This week everyone seemed to be taking part in National Financial Literacy Awareness Month. So I have found a couple of the posts that I enjoyed the most for this weeks round up – plus one from Joe that I couldn’t leave out.

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Carnivals and Mentions

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If I missed you in my round up then please let me know and I will add you next week. Have a great weekend all 🙂