My first week back at work is now over, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be – so that was a pleasant surprise. I think it was made better because my wife kept sending me photos of Nick every hour so that I could keep tabs on how he was going.

Speaking of my wife, she also sent me the following YouTube clips which I found both interesting and hilarious. The videos are from Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show, and they are about gun control in America. The video stars my all time favourite Prime Minister – John Howard (he is the one that introduced the gun control legislation and held office for 4 terms or 11 concurrent years). I had seen the first video recently, but was unaware there was a follow up.


In other news, my new site is almost ready to be publicly unveiled, so hopefully in the next few weeks you can all go and take a gander. It is a site about all my different online income generating ideas and how I am progressing with each one. I am not even close to the figures Michelle has, but I am determined to have a good crack at it.


Search Terms

These were all just from today, I figured I didn’t need to go further back because they were all so interesting.

  • sheep baa – Baa to you too.
  • smart goal for completing ass degree – An ass degree you say, no idea what that is, but it sounds saucy.
  • fx market is wild west – It can feel that way – Check out my Forex posts so you understand it a little better.
  • crazy ideas to spend your money on – You could give it to me?
  • why are athletes so unkempt, tattooed and vulgar – I don’t even know where to start to answer this question.


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