We had a pretty fun week –not. Our little man has started to get his first tooth and he is none too happy about it. I can’t help but feel sorry for him, I know it hurts, but there just isn’t that much more we can do for him that we aren’t already doing. Hopefully it makes its way out quickly so that he can go back to being a happy little bubba.

Considering the lack of sleep lately, it is probably appropriate to link to the following video which a colleague of mine posted to facebook this week. It is pretty funny.

I finally finished off all the levels in my mobile phone game this week. I now only have to tidy things up a little bit, add the payment system and then submit the app. Hopefully this can add a little bit of extra income to my account every month, but I know it is very competitive in the app markets and so I’m not expecting to get rich off it.

That’s about it, sorry for the nothing update 🙁 I hope you have a great weekend!

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  • stupid things the australian government spends money on – There is too many to list here.
  • what to do if you hear someone trying to break in while your home – Call the cops and hide under the bed?
  • cost of having a baby breakdown – What?!?! Babies aren’t cars you know…
  • when will my debt start to reduce on my mortgage – When you start paying it down. There are no debt faeries.

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