I had a magical week on the stock market this week. The stock which I have most of my money in has gone up almost 80% in the last few days and I get the feeling that good news might be just around the corner. Still in the current market it is prudent to take some money off the table and so I have set a trailing profit rule to make sure I don’t lose my gains.

Of course the universe has to balance out and I have had an abysmal week Forex trading πŸ™ I have had phone errors placing double trades and then not displaying them. Plus I have also lost quite a bit on poor decision making on my part. Fortunately once I cut my losses on some of my larger trades I have started to go in the right direction again and will hopefully still turn a profit for the month.

Another way that I am trying to make money online is by betting on horse racing. Now I know many of you that just read that last sentence think I have probably gone a little crazy. Perhaps years of corporate servitude has softened my brain to the point where I think I can make money by gambling… But I really do believe it is possible. This week I have gotten a 100% strike rate on my selections, and I am up about 20% since I started betting with real money.


My New Site

If you are wondering why I am talking about the stock market, forex trading and horse racing in my weekly round up post, it is because I am keen to become financially self reliant and to be able to distance myself from the drudgery of the 9 to 5. To do this I have investigated many different ways that I can make money on the internet, and I have started documenting my efforts so that others can hopefully share in my anticipated success. If you are interested in knowing more, you can check out my new website which is dedicated to me making money online.


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Most of he search terms this week were really boring and normal. This was the best one

  • Ice cream piggy bank – Do you freeze it and keep your money inside?


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I didn’t get around the blog world much this week and so I don’t have all that many posts to bring to you. Having said that, the ones that I did see are still worth while reads.

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