I had two posts this week which left me a little bemused as as to how different Australia is from the US. The first post was in regards to buying a rental property as an investment and some of the comments I got really shocked me. I had never before heard of someone buying a rental property that could make money straight away. The concept is almost laughable in Australia with our high property prices and high interest rates.

When commenters were saying I should find one that has an immediate positive return I thought to myself – these guys are crazy – where on earth do you find an investment like that? The answer apparently is the USA – who knew. My follow up question (which is still yet to be answered) is why would people rent a house from someone when the mortgage repayments is less per week than the rental amount?

My next post caused almost as much confusion for me when I discovered that “Penny Dreadfuls” are not available to trade in the US on an exchange like the S&P or DOW like they are in Australia on the ASX. I was gobsmacked. Who knew the two countries could be so different?

In other news…

It has started to get cold lately and getting up at 5:30am to go to work just doesn’t agree with me when the temperature gets lower. It is only made that much more difficult because I can see both my wife and son still nice and warm tucked into bed, enjoying the warmth of the blankets while Ricky and I make the journey into the backyard so he can relieve himself before he gets to go back to sleep.

I shouldn’t complain, poor Alexis (my wife) has been getting to bed really really late the last couple of nights, as Nick just isn’t interested in going to sleep at the same time as his parents.

Speaking of Nick, last night I was fortunate enough to get to change him during one of his explosive poo episodes. You wouldn’t believe the amount of excrement that the little fellow is able to produce in one go. To make things worse, I don’t think I will ever look at chocolate soft serve ice cream the same way again…

I took a mini break from all my online income activities this week and had a night of playing video games with my brother who lives in the UK. My brother and I used to do this almost nightly for a while, but it’s certainly a luxury these days considering the time zone difference and the family commitments that I now have with my little man.

Finally I made bread for the first time in my life on Monday. It took a while, but it was very tasty and I am confident I will make it again, although next time I might look into using a bread tin to give it a better shape.


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  • expensive piggy banks – why would you want an expensive one?
  • should i trust my wife with our money – You trusted her enough to get married…
  • not enjoying being a dad – You are obviously doing something wrong buddy.
  • men are the best thing to spend money on – Feel free to spend on me 🙂
  • i want to take 3 pirated cds to australia – Ummm people still use cds?


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