We are all pretty sleepy over here in the MPB household. Both my wife and I have been running on only a few hours sleep and we are both starting to look a little frazzled. Fortunately it is the weekend and there is no need to go into work for the next couple of days which means some big sleep ins to catch up on some much needed beauty sleep.

Tomorrow it is June – can you believe it? I swear it was only a few weeks ago that it was December… How the time flows away.

This week I started working on a new niche website with my youngest brother. We have selected a fairly broad term in a fairly uncompetitive area. I think the broadness might come back to haunt us a little, but only time will tell. To test my theory I have also registered another site in the same niche that is targeted specifically at only 1 of the sub niches to see how easily that site can rank compared to the more broad term.

I found this cool little game today which assigns you as the federal reserve chairman. Your task is to keep inflation in check and unemployment at a steady rate. It isn’t the next angry birds, but I found it interesting enough. Feel free to have a go – http://www.frbsf.org/education/activities/chairman/

Fed Chairman


That’s about all I got up to this week. Have a good weekend all 🙂


Search Terms

  • brian thought this tattoo was brilliant until he went to prison – Alright… Thanks for letting me know…
  • Smart objective of a house party – Not to trash your house
  • can one man build a house – Yep, but not this man.
  • sounds that make you spend money – I actually don’t know of any sounds that make you spend money.


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I have been slack again and I only visited a handful of my favorite sites this week. I just feel like I have too much on the boil at the moment and I am struggling to stay active in the community. Hopefully in the coming weeks I will find more time.

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