My time has been consumed with creating my latest niche site this week. I forgot just how much time and effort it can take to get it off the ground, but I am pleased to already be seeing results. I got my first organic search hit last week, and I now have one of my pages already ranking on the second page of Google without building any links to it.

I have also found myself getting fairly involved with the whole Edward Snowden PRISM news story that continues to unfold. It is really showing just how far people’s liberties have been eroded and how much the government is more interested in serving itself rather than the people whom it is supposed to be serving.

Anyone who thought this kind of invasion of privacy is only happening in the likes of North Korea, Russia and China now knows that the USA (through the NSA) is comparable to these communist nations. I’ll guarantee that the USA isn’t the only western nation that is doing this, but at the moment they are the only government that has been busted.

The entire thing sickens me and has me questioning just how free the people living under supposedly democratic governments actually are. I can see a day in the future where some of the minor political parties start to garner more of the votes and hopefully change things so that governments start looking after their citizens again, rather than treating them like criminals.

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