OK, so in my search terms for this week I have “fruits and vegetables in ass pics”… After a quick Google search of the same term I have determined that not only is there a lot of weird fruit and vegetable fetishes out there, but for that term I am ranking number 2 in Google (what a relevancy fail). The link points to my fruit and vegetable garden page and so I can only assume the deviant is still looking for his fruit in all the wrong places…

In less pornographic news – We had to take my son to the hospital last weekend as he has developed a wheeze whenever he breathes through his mouth (normally after feeding). It wasn’t a great deal of fun, but the doctors think that he is going to be fine.

I have a 5 day weekend this week and I plan on making the most of it by finishing off a few niche sites I am working on. I hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you Monday 🙂

Search Terms

  • what do you spend your money on – Lots of stuff.
  • how to avoid buying unnecessarily  – don’t go on shopping websites
  • what do you do when you can’t trust your husband – get a new one?
  • fruits and vegetables in ass pics – Yeah, there is no way that is related to personal finance.


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