Yesterday I came home from a fairly busy day of work and my wife had baked me a 1 year blog birthday treat! I am so lucky to have such a wonderful and supporting wife who takes the time to do things like this for me. Especially because my blogging takes so much time and effort, which is ultimately time that I could be spending with her. I know she will be reading this shortly after I post this – so thank you, I love and appreciate everything you do for me :)

Blog Birthday

My Blog Birthday Treat

After such a big long lazy weekend last weekend, this weekend I am going to be going like the clappers. We have family coming over in about 15 mins and I am out all day tomorrow with a punting club that meets up 1 time per year. I then expect that Sunday will zoom by with writing posts for the coming week and watching my team play football.

So that is all I have for you today – sorry for the brevity. Have a great weekend everyone :)

Search Terms

  • you guys are such nice neighbors – I like to think we are ok.
  • what part of duck do people usually eat – I actually have no idea, the breast I think.
  • how to tell your husband that his money is the family’s money – There is no I in team.
  • how we paid off $400000 quickly – Interested in doing a guest post? I would like to hear all about that.

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