Today I helped to rescue a little lost puppy. I was about to go out and buy some food for dinner with my parents tonight, when a red car was parked right across our driveway. After quickly speaking to the 2 women in the car, I discovered that they had pulled over to try and rescue a dog that was left to roam the streets. It was only a little dog, and the 2 women didn’t own it, but none of us wanted to see it get hit by a car and so we all chased after it.

After about 5 minutes of watching the women try to corner the dog, I decided to take a short run around the walking track that he was on and come at him from the opposite direction. It worked like a charm, we eventually had him between the 2 women and myself. I got close to the ground, did a small little whistle, and he came right up to me and licked me on the hand πŸ™‚ Unfortunately he didn’t have a name tag on him, but the nice ladies said that they would take him to the local pound and see if he was micro chipped so they could determine his owner.

Next week

In other equally exciting news, we are launching our ebook on Monday!!!! This has been a long road, but I think the book is looking great and there is some excellent content inside. In the next few weeks I hope to have it also included in Amazon and Google Play with the ibookstore a little bit later. The entire process of collaborating on an ebook with others has been both fun and trying at the same time. I would probably do it again, but with less people next time. Equally trying/frustrating has been the process for non US residents to get their products placed in the ibookstore – OMG I hate Apple sometimes! Amazon isn’t much better with their crazy payment methods for people without a US or UK bank account. I think I will have to do an entire blog post on each digital content store one day soon, as I will want to remember all the rigmarole I went through this time around to get the book added to each store.

I should also have part 2 of my Forex Trading Basics for Beginners series of posts ready to roll, so look out for that one as it should be pretty big.


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  • Will having breast implants preclude me from getting a cabin crew job – No idea, I think your qualifications may have the biggest impact on your employment prospects.
  • No money saved – Yikes! You have come to the right place, start reading now!
  • Obviously this is an extreme example, but it does show that society has made conscious decisions in the past to mitigate against discrimination on selected minority groups, but for some reason there is not the same amount of understanding and tolerance shown in regards to something as simple as tattoos. – Who types this much into a search box, I know all about long tail keywords, but this is ridiculous.
  • 2013- i want to give away money – Yes please, I’ll take it!


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