Not much to report here this week.

I have been super busy setting up my VPS so I can move this site onto a faster and better equipped server. I recently got told that this site is consuming too many resources, so I have a couple of options:

  1. Upgrade with my current host
  2. Move to a new one.

Seeing as I haven’t been all that happy with the performance of this server (I assume it is over crowded), I decided that a move was in order. So far I have been really happy with my new host and I will be moving Monster Piggy Bank within the next week or so.

Setting up a VPS has been an interesting experience as I don’t get to dable in Linux as much as I used to, so I had to relearn many of the commands. But like most things, everything came back to me soon enough 🙂

Earlier this week some of my friends celebrated their 10 year anniversary and to commemorate the occasion they created this really amusing little video. I just wish I was as talented.

That’s about all from me this week. Sorry for the tiny update and have a great Easter break 🙂


Search Terms

Here are some of the search terms that I enjoyed that sent people to my site this week:

  • why don’t young people save money – Young people don’t think the same as older people. Have you ever heard of the saying – the ignorance of youth, well i’m pretty sure this fits into that category.
  • what is the government doing to stop road rage Australia – Nope, the current government has enough on its hands trying to keep members from leaving.
  • i have become commercialised – Haven’t we all…
  • how to make more money at work – Start your own business, go get a degree, ask for a raise.
  • time to move out when parent stop cooking – Hahahaha.
  • why do people care how you spend your money – Because people are nosey like that. Tell them to bugger off.


This Weeks Best Posts

There were 3 posts in particular that resonated with me this week as they discussed going back to work after having a child. the 1st was from Grayson, the 2nd was from Justin and the last from Pauline.

Here are the rest of the articles I enjoyed this week.

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