Big week this week!

First, I moved this site over to my new VPS hosting. I personally think it loads far faster, but I will wait a few days and see what Google thinks in my analytics account. Next thing on the blog agenda is potentially changing my theme to one that loads a bit faster. My wife and I both recently started new blogs and so we also purchased the pro pack of genesis themes, so we have plenty of great themes to choose from. In case you are interested – my wife’s blog is about different types of diets and foods, and mine is dedicated to exploring various online money making ideas and tracking my progress with them all).

Second, on Monday I posted about burglaries that were happening in my area. Well wouldn’t you know it, on Wednesday night at about 6:30pm (just after dark) we had someone try to break in through the front door. Fortunately Ricky was right onto things and he bolted down to the front of the house barking his head off like a dog possessed, and that caused whoever it was to run off really quickly.

Dog PossessedRicky ~ A dog possessed

Unfortunately the police don’t seem to be doing anything about the situation, and so I think it is only a matter of time before there is some form of vigilante justice taking place. I know a few of the guys were talking about a stakeout not long ago. I guess we will see. In the mean time Ricky will have to stay on guard and keep us safe ๐Ÿ™‚

RickyRicky ~ Alert and keeping us safe.

Third up, and far more pleasant – my wife and I are celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary today


We just went out to a dessert bar for lunch, it was incredibly tasty, but it seems that my eyes were bigger than my belly, and I was unable to finish all my food. Also, for those you you that are budget conscious, you will be pleased to know we used a coupon that gave us 25% off the total bill ๐Ÿ™‚

Lastly, I was finally able to cross off a long term goal today. My wife and I have successfully managed to reduce our total debt to under $100,000 (you can check out our progress here). It honestly doesn’t seem like that long ago that we had over $300,000 worth of debt. Fortunately we have managed to really buckle down with our savings plan and now it feels so great seeing all that debt disappearing so quickly. – Yay us ๐Ÿ™‚

Fixed Debt Variable Debt

Search Terms

Here are some of the search terms that I enjoyed that sent people to my site this week:

  • do you lend you tools to your neighbour – I don’t, but that’s only because I don’t have many tools ๐Ÿ™
  • baby shower by the pool – Sounds like a great idea.
  • is the game of thrones coming to free tv in Australia – Ha, not likely.
  • spring break college drunk blow – OK then, good for you.
  • why so expensive to build a house – I wonder the same thing.
  • images of awesome vegetable gardens – I’m glad someone thinks my veggie garden is awesome!


This Weeks Best Posts

I have a few posts that I found interesting this week, and a few of them were on blogs that I don’t often frequent – goes to show that I should get out and view a few more different blogs than I normally do. I hope you enjoy these post as much as I did.

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Carnivals and Mentions

I was mentioned in the following carnivals

The following bloggers were kind enough to link to me also:

  • No one linked to me that I am aware of this week ๐Ÿ™ What a sad day for the Monster Piggy – I’ll have to do better next week!

If I missed you in my round up then please let me know and I will add you next week. Have a great weekend all ๐Ÿ™‚

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