So we had someone at our front door again last night 🙁 although this time they came at around 9pm. I get the feeling that they go house to house shaking the front door to see if anyone turns up to see who is there. If someone (or something – Ricky) goes to the front door then they know someone is home, if no one turns up then they can go around the back and break into the house with a fair degree of certainty that no one is home.

I am getting pretty fed up with the whole situation and I really want to get a look at whoever is trying to break into the houses in our neighbourhood. So last night I bought a motion detection camera that can see up to 10 meters in the dark and can send alerts to my phone as well as upload captured video to my web server. The other cool thing is that I can view the camera in real time by logging on via a website on my computer or via my mobile phone. I’m not sure if the camera will do any good or not, but worst case we can use it to monitor Nick when he moves into his own room.

In other news – recently we have had another addition to the family, well sort of… For the last couple of weeks we have had the following little fella (he’s only a baby) living in some rocks out the back.



Ricky doesn’t quite know what to make of him just yet and he almost got his nose bitten while trying to figure it out. What a silly puppy!


Search Terms

Here are some of the search terms that I enjoyed that sent people to my site this week:

  • why do patient people get road rage – I’m not sure, but I have certainly mellowed as I have aged, perhaps you will too 🙂
  • piggy banks for adults poem – I have never heard of a piggy bank poem – Interesting idea.
  • countries with highest tax rates – Australia would have to be one of the top ones.
  • I think I have been set up for a home robbery – You and me both buddy, I hope my article helped you out with that one.
  • how much does it cost to buy a baby – Is there a black market for second hand babies or something?
  • On March 1, 2010 an investor purchase a $1000 par T-bone – What!?!?! Why did the big G send you to my site?
  • how to show your love to your boyfriend no expense – Ha! I have an idea, but it isn’t really appropriate to mention on a personal finance blog… In order to keep things G rated – Maybe you could just tell him how you feel.
  • is it good to build a house with your wife – Look, if you have a wife then you may as well make the most of the situation, I say put her to work building the house. *I’m joking ladies, don’t hate on me 🙂 *


This Weeks Best Posts

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The next 3 posts were on a similar topic to my own regarding What you are sacrificing for money. All are great reads that are well worth your time if you are also struggling to workout how much money you need and where money fits into your life.

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LaurieYou are a champion! I was feeling a little neglected last week, but you came through with the goods and showed me some link love – Thank you 🙂

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