Australians had a tough year in the job market.  As the unemployment rate ended the year at 5.4 percent, many citizens found themselves out of work and in need of money.  Finding a way to acquire money during this tough time can be a lot easier than you think.  Let’s discuss some of the best ways to get money without having a job.

Money Ladder

1.  Sell it

This is the perfect time to take stock of all the material things you have accumulated throughout your lifetime.  Go through the garage, attic, basement and your closets in search of any items that you no longer need or want.  Do you have an old coin collection or old comic books that you wouldn’t mind parting with?  If so, take them to someone that specialises in selling these types of vintage items and you may be surprised at their worth. You can also have a garage sale to raise money to help pay your bills until you find a job.


2.  Rent a Room

If you need money and own a large home, rent out one of your rooms or your basement.  Make the rent reasonable to ensure that you get a tenant quickly.  This additional income can help tide you over until something else comes along. Even if you are renting your current residence, you can sublet a room and act as a landlord for the subtenant.  Before you do this, make sure you have your landlord’s written permission.  Even after you go back to work, this can provide additional financial assistance for the family.


3.  Build a Website

Do you have a great idea and want to get it out to the masses via the internet?  Build yourself a website and then research ways to get free marketing.  Your idea could turn into a million dollar business.  Sometimes the best motivation comes from when we have nowhere else to turn.  Instead of waiting for the next job to call and offer you employment, create the job and life that you want.


4.  Become an Independent Contractor

If you have a skill that is marketable; offer your services to businesses in your area.  This way you can charge what you feel your services are worth and work as many hours as you like.  The best part of doing this is that you are now only working for yourself.  Take a look at your education and hobbies to see what type of contracting work you are best suited for.  Then ask friends and family to recommend your services to others as well.  If you do this the correct way, you may never have to work for anyone else again.


5. Speciality Loans

There are different non-profits and community based initiatives that provide small loans for emergencies and special circumstances. In addition, these types of organisations may help with the purchase of necessities such as white goods. Also, if you have a pension or some form of income not coming from a job, there are speciality loans for people who are unemployed, you just need to be able to prove you have a stable income stream.


When there are minimal to no job opportunities available to you and you find yourself unemployed, making good financial decisions becomes very important to your lifestyle.  By selling items around the house, renting out a room, building a website or becoming an independent contractor; you can make it through the tough times.  This can help bridge the gap between the next financial opportunity, in some cases you may find a new career path or find yourself starting your own business.


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