The unpredictable nature of the housing market can give you a headache if you are looking to sell your home. You may find yourself waiting an inordinate amount of time for the right buyer to come along, but what you will be pleased to know is there are ways and means to improve the saleability of your property and the increase the speed in which it could be sold.


The other benefits in the methods that follow are that they are realistic and straightforward processes that require common-sense over technical expertise:

The Price is Right

First and foremost, making sure your valuation is both realistic and fair is paramount if you want a quick sale. You do not want to overprice your home, as to prospective buyers it will appear you are naïve regarding the current markets and perhaps unreliable as a seller overall. At the same time, you want the price to justify the quality of your home.

You should get your house valued by a couple of Agencies to get an overall idea of what you could potentially sell for, they will also offer advice regarding improving the appearance of your property.

Keeping Up Appearances

Should you be told your house needs to be improved aesthetically, you can do some of the following to make your home look better to viewers:

  • Repaint in neutral colours as this will give you home an ‘open’ and ‘clean’ appearance, like a blank canvas for buyers.
  • Clean and polish all parts of your house, anything dirty or shoddy will appear unsightly and off-putting.
  • De-clutter your rooms; create as much space as possible to show off the potential of each living space.

Inspected and Detailed

The expense of having your house surveyed and inspected will pay off in the long run. It shows people you are pulling no punches by offering an honest and fair account of the house, this can also help in the negotiation and valuation of your home.

Quick Cash Buyers

If you want an almost immediate sale then you should look for a cash property buyer like House Buyer Bureau, which comes with other bonus advantages; you could have your property fairly valued and have a cash offer available to you in as little as seven days. You also avoid the possible delays that can happen with buyer mortgage approval and ultimately this quick service takes the stress and hassle out of your house sale, giving you peace of mind and money to invest in your new home.