Hi guys and welcome to 2016! This year I am probably going to be posting a bit less than I have in previous years where I used to post twice a week, and the main reason for that decision is that having a second child and running so many businesses is taking it’s toll on my free time. I considered hiring a writer for the site to allow new content to be added, but decided against it as it wouldn’t be my site then, it would be just another finance website that didn’t necessarily have that personal element, which is something that I like about MPB.

So i’ve been absent for a while – whats been happening?

Well, my wife and I now have another little boy who was born on the 15th of December, his name is Zachary. I think I forgot just how different having a newborn is to having a 2.5/3 year old. The thing that is most different is the night time schedule of pretty much no sleep, and also the really piercing baby cry that you just can’t ignore.

Other happenings – I finally had my first product hit Amazon about 4 days before the birth of my son – so that was pretty rotten timing, but at least I made the Christmas rush – and boy howdy was it a rush. The week of Christmas I was selling around 50 units a day! The sheer size of Amazon is nuts, you just can’t even fathom how much money goes through that website, and i’ve only just scratched the surface. This year is going to be all about expanding that part of my online business and i’ve already started with another 3 more products on their way into the Amazon warehouse and another 3-4 more product ideas I am playing around with. I’m sure i’ll probably be talking a lot more about this in the coming weeks, so if you’re interested – stay tuned.

The only other thing that happened over the last few weeks was that I got another year older, and I gained a few extra kilograms thanks to all the festivities.

How was your Christmas / New years?