I got home from work recently and my wife tells me that our next door neighbors had been over earlier in the afternoon to tell us that they had discovered termites entering their property. This isn’t great news considering how close our houses are to each other, and it leave me feeling very uneasy about whether or not we have termites that have invaded our property as well.

My wife is going to be getting a termite professional to come out to our property to see if we having any of the little blighters eating their way though our house frame, but at this stage my rudimentary check of the perimeter of the house shows no signs of entry.


I must admit, I have heard about people getting termites and having huge amounts of damage to their house, but I never thought it would happen to me. I mean we built this house not that long ago, and we made sure the builder used treated pine for the frame. On top of the frame, we also had the build include some termite barrier called termimesh, and that is supposed to keep them from tunneling into the house as well.

So despite my best efforts at keeping out budget nice and neat and tidy, it seems that something else unexpected has come out of the blue and threatens to hit our budget for six. Hopefully we don’t have any, but if we do then it might end up costing us a fair amount of money depending on just how far the termites have penetrated our property.


Have you ever had to deal with termites before? Did it cost you a lot of money?