Earlier in the week my wife’s old ASUS laptop bit the dust and we needed to buy another one. Fortunately I work in IT so finding the best fit laptop was not too difficult, but if you don’t work in IT you really need to work out what is the best type of laptop for your needs and how much are you prepared to spend on it?

Best type of Laptop

Working out what type of laptop should I buy?

The obvious first question most people ask is what type of laptop should I buy? And the answer depends on a few small questions that you should ask yourself.

  1. How much disk space do you think you will need?
  2. What are you going to use the laptop for?
  3. Is a laptop really the best thing for me? Would a tablet be better suited to my needs?

For my wife’s laptop I knew that she stores a lot of her iTunes music files on her laptop and so getting a larger hard drive than her previous laptop was high on my priorities list. After that the rest was easy, she only really uses Word, Excel, Outlook, Firefox and Photoshop – none of which require a great deal of RAM or CPU. Therefore when I went shopping for her new laptop I knew that we could save some serious cash by looking in the budget computing section. After all, her old laptop was functioning just fine for her needs and we would have continued to use it indefinitely if it had not died.

What most people don’t realise when buying computers is that these days you often don’t need the latest and greatest computers systems like you did 10-15 years ago. The processors from 3-4 years ago are more than capable of running Windows and the common MS Office applications that my wife wanted to run. Unless you plan on playing the latest computer games or doing some serious video editing then you are not going to need the latest and greatest type of laptop.


What type of laptop did we get?

I went down to the local computer shop and ended up buying one of the cheapest laptops available. It had 500GB of hard drive space (200GB more than the last laptop) and better CPU and RAM stats than her previous laptop. The only thing I did end up doing was purchasing an extra 2GB of RAM for $20 as I was unsure how Windows 8 would run on only 2GB – turns out it would have run perfectly fine, but and extra $20 isn’t a big deal considering how cheap the whole package was.

Acer Laptop

It was also a nice surprise to see that there is a $49 cash back offer on the computer, which means it is even cheaper still ๐Ÿ™‚


Is my wife happy with the purchase?

Other than struggling to get used to Windows 8 (it really is pretty average when compared to Windows 7) my wife couldn’t be happier with this new machine. It loads faster, it has more disk space and she can continue to use it to do everything she wants to do on it.

So just remember that when you are buying a new computer, that you don’t have to go for the top of the line laptop. A cheaper one might do just as good of a job – it all comes down to your computing needs.