I’m going to start off by stating a fact – recruitment can be both difficult and time consuming, and hiring the wrong person can be really costly to your business. So it is important that you get it right and that you don’t rush into hiring someone. Recently though, I have been wondering what the future of recruitment in Australia will be like over the coming years.



Some of you will be aware that I recently accepted a new role with my current employer. The new role is that of a team leader, and a part of that role is ensuring that I have the right people within the team to be able to deliver the various packages of work expected of us. As a part of my new role, I recently conducted a number of interviews to fill a vacant position. I had been a part of the recruitment process before, but never as the actual hiring manager.

Some of the key things that I learned from the experience were:

1 – Finding suitable candidates can be difficult

Something I have witnessed many times before is that it can be difficult to find the right people for the job. You can put job adverts out on the internet as much as you like, but unless the right person sees it, you can sometimes struggle to get appropriately skilled people through the door. One of the ways that many companies mitigate having to find the right candidate is by utilising a trusted recruitment agency. The big advantage of using a recruitment agency is that they often do all the hard work for you, most will have a database of suitably qualified individuals ready to slot straight into a role so that the hiring manager doesn’t need to go through the hundreds of résumés looking for the right person.

2 – Sometimes the best person on paper, isn’t the best person

When I reviewed the résumés of a number of the candidates, I was almost certain that I had found the right people almost immediately – they looked almost perfect for the role. What I found interesting though, is that once we did an initial phone screening with the candidates, I had completely changed my mind. Some people who I expected to be amazing, were not as amazing as I had hoped, and others that I didn’t expect to rate very highly, were big stand outs.

3 – Behavioural qualities are just as important as technical capability

Something else I feel is important to note, is that finding the right person isn’t just about how technically capable they are, but also how well they are able to operate interpersonally. Having someone who is brilliant technically might be great for getting certain jobs done, but overall I would rather have someone who is technically sound and personable, over someone who is technically brilliant but displayed undesirable behavioural traits..

4 – Ability to fit within the team is essential

The last main consideration that I found important was thinking about how well the person would fit within the team. In the past I had always just assumed that people would get along, but it isn’t always the case. So finding someone who will gel with the existing team members is something that I am now very aware of and something that I think is important to consider if you are placing someone into an existing team of people.


The Future of Recruitment

Having been through the traditional recruitment process, I am starting to wonder just how much longer it will be around in its current form. As it stands today, there are more people that ever being hired over the internet. Many people working entirely online and in different countries from where a job is actually being advertised.

I personally think this is what the future of recruitment looks like, particularly in the technology arena where many jobs are performed at a computer and can easily be completed online.

I suspect the days of going to the office and sitting at a desk are numbered. It is just so easy to package up a chunk of work and hire someone online to complete it for you – and this is often done at a fraction of the cost of hiring someone in person (like this guy did).

Over the last few months, I have hired plenty of people online (contractors from places like oDesk and freelancer), I am very comfortable with the process, and I also feel like this is an area in which traditional recruitment companies might start to offer services and differentiate themselves from their traditional competitors.

Let’s face it, most companies are interested in getting the best bang for their buck, so it makes sense that they trial this sort of outsourcing model when the same work can be done for significantly less money.

The big downside that I see in this scenario is that your average worker in Australia will have to get used to increased more competition, increased unemployment and lower wages, as they will be competing with people third world countries who will work for a lot less money.



What do you guys think? Is this the future of recruitment, or do I have it wrong?