My wife and I have been speaking a lot about the future lately, and what we both want out of life in the next 3 to 5 years. I have always been very goal orientated and so having a 5 year plan is something that fit in well with my personality and gives me something that I can try to achieve rather than just existing aimlessly one day to the next.


At the moment the plan isn’t terribly specific, but we do have a couple of major milestones that we want to achieve like:

  1. Finish paying off our mortgage
  2. Increase our online income to replace my wife’s wage and then hopefully my own.

Ultimately I personally feel like going to work everyday is limiting my ability to live the life I want to live. Therefore I need to do something about it if I want it to change. What my wife and I are planning on doing is to work our collective butts off to increase our online income streams so that we can replace the income that we would normally bring in from our day jobs.

Most people that I speak to about this think that I am a little whack and that it is impossible to make any decent kind of money online. I originally thought the same as them, but over the last year I have seen first hand that not only is it possible to come up with a good online residual income model, but you can make a lot of money online IF you are willing to work hard and open your mind to the possibility of an alternative stream of income rather than just the standard 9 to 5. (Here’s A Tip: If you seriously want to start a web based business venture then you might want to consult with a start-up expert likeΒ SunDoc Filings, who can advise you on all the legal ramifications associated with start-ups).

Ultimately my wife and I want to be able to travel wherever we want and to not be held back by needing to go into work everyday or to wait until holidays are approved by your boss. The beauty of an online income is that no matter where we go, we can take our work with us (so long as there is an internet connection available). This in itself is liberating, and by living a frugal lifestyle for the last 5 years we know that we do not need anywhere near as much money as I currently earn to enjoy our lives and to be happy. This makes living off an online income even more likely as we know we don’t need a lot of money to live off.



Do you have a 5 year plan / goal?