I’m all about getting a good nights sleep, although it’s something that I regularly struggle with and it has a huge impact on your day to day ability to function. When my wife and I moved into our house 7 years ago we bought a new bed and a new mattress to go with it. I swear – it was one of the most comfortable mattresses that I have ever slept on – and it would want to be considering the couple of thousand dollars we spent on it.


Anyway, as I said – that was 7 years ago and I’m starting to think that the time might be right to look into getting a new one. You see neither my wife or I are sleeping as well as we used (this is more likely to be related to our son though) and I am starting to feel the springs in the bed when I lay down on my side, which isn’t a lot of fun and is most likely hampering a good nights sleep.

My problem is that a good mattress can cost quite a lot of money, and we are planning on building a new house soon, and that money could go a long way to reducing the overall amount of debt that we end up taking on.

When we bought our current mattress we ended up going somewhere that used a mattress selector tool (like the one by sleepmaker) that took into consideration things like our size, our weight and the way our bodies lay on the bed. The idea behind this was to find a mattress that would best support our bodies and that would last for a decent amount of time. I’m pretty sure the sales man said that it would last around 6 or 7 years and that most mattresses need to be replaced in that type of time frame, so in that regard I think we have done pretty well.

Still, I would rather not have to purchase a new one if I can avoid it. Something I am thinking about is rotating the mattress so that our heads rest where our feet do currently, however I suspect this will only provide temporary relief as the mattress is really starting to fall apart. We also can’t flip it upside down as the mattress is designed in such a way that it would be like lying on a concrete bed.

Considering how tired I am getting lately I think we need to do something soon. Perhaps I will wait for a big sale and try to get one cheaply rather than paying full price.


Does anyone have any good tips on when is a good time to buy a mattress – or how long a mattress should last for?