I’ll start off by saying i’m not normally the type of person to spend money on mobile games. I find them to be (for the most part) not worth my money. This last few weeks though with the entire world being taken over by Pokemon Go and Nintendo’s share price rocketing, i’m starting to wonder if there are a lot more people paying money for mobile games than I thought.

I read a stat that said that there was more people playing Pokemon Go than there is on Twitter per day at over 25 million users. This for a game that’s both on a mobile device and that’s only been out for a few weeks. That’s quite an achievement, but it’s even more of an achievement if they are monetizing it.

Assuming they have 25 million users and even just 1% of those users (250,000 users) were buying items at $10 per day – that’s $2.5 million dollars a day people are spending on virtual items to catch virtual Pokemon.  Surely I am not the only one pondering how both nuts and amazing this is. I guess the big thing for Nintendo is now keeping it’s user base high, which according to this article – it looks like things are already starting to dwindle.

It reminds me of that game Draw Something. When it first came out everyone was playing it. Then it was bought by Zynga for $180 million. With the help of hindsight, I think we can all agree that they massively overpaid for the game/development company and will never recoup that money, but it was huge at the time. Pokemon Go is even bigger than Draw Something was, and I bet that like Draw Something, Pokemon Go will lost it’s shine over the coming weeks and months, so if I was Nintendo, I would be looking to offload it ASAP just like the Draw Something team did.

What do others think? Will this game be perpetually popular, of is it already losing steam?