If you’re anything like me, your wallet is always being bogged down by lots of coins. It’s not like I have too much money – I wish! It’s more that every time you go out and buy something, there is normally change given, and that change always seems to balloon your wallet.


Instead of always lugging my change around with me, I like to keep it in a coin jar / piggy bank. I normally keep anything bigger than $1 in my wallet, but all the really small stuff gets tossed into the coin collection.

Normally I don’t really look at the coin jar all that often, but it’s starting to get pretty full, so that means it might be time to go to my local bank branch and use one of their coin counters to see just how much money I have accumulated over the last year or so.

I’m always surprised by just how much money it always comes to when I get the coins counted. The last time I emptied my jar and it was measured, I ended up with about $250 in coins. Obviously $250 is going to be better off living in my bank account gaining interest rather than sitting on my bookshelf, but at least by collecting it I didn’t spend it on anything, which to be honest, probably would have been what I would have done should the coins stayed in my wallet.

I find I am far more likely to spend money unnecessarily if it is available, than if I have to go get it or withdraw it from the bank. Normally it would be spent on little things like sweets or chips, which I really don’t need, and would only serve to increase my waistline (which doesn’t need any help).

Anyway I’m interested. Do you collect your coins and save them up for a big payday, or do you just spend them like any other money in your wallet?