While my wife and I were away on holiday (about 2 hours north of Brisbane) the city got pelted by the worst storm in 30 years. It was so severe that my wife and I decided to leave our holiday a night early (we had to leave at 10am the next morning anyway) to ensure that our house wasn’t too badly damaged.

The big issue for us was that we are still responsible for the house prior to settlement and so we wanted to get on top of any damage ASAP. Fortunately for us, we didn’t have any damage, but there were plenty of other people in and around Brisbane that weren’t so lucky.

The storm was pretty crazy. I just remember watching all the videos start popping up on Facebook as the storm raged and after watching it on the local weather radar, I knew that it was a pretty bad one.

Here are a few pictures and videos to get a feel for just how severe the storm was.

Wait until 1 minute in to see just how furious things got.


Storm Damage Jessy Sahota TwitterSource – Jessy Sahota Twitter

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Apparently the damage bill is in the hundreds to millions of dollars, but the good thing is that only a handful of people were injured and apparently no one was killed.

For my wife and I we were lucky and there was no damage to our house. In our area there was only really rain and wind and not really any hail. The storm center moved around our place otherwise who knows how badly our place might have been damaged.

It is storms like these that make me glad that I have good insurance coverage for our house and cars. I couldn’t imagine having to start from scratch should everything get taken out by a big storm like this one.