My wife and I have been busily going through ideas on how we can supplement our existing income with various online activities. One of the things that has sparked my interest is the idea of buying goods at wholesale prices from China and on-selling them to customers via a couple of e-commerce websites.


I am no stranger when it comes to setting up a website, so that aspect of an online shop is not new to me and should not be all that difficult, however I am a complete novice when it comes to supply chain management and distribution of goods and services. So I am wondering how many of you have run your own online store or have even thought about running one? I am sure there are a million and one things to think about and the fact that I haven’t done anything like this before is a little bit daunting.

So to start out we are thinking very small and have found a few sub niches which we will focus on first to see how simple or difficult managing only a few products will be, and if things progress well we can ramp up to start including a lot more stock items. I figure this is the best way to start as I find that if I start a project and try to do too much too soon I never end up finishing and I will be disappointed in myself for not having a proper crack at this.

I have always wanted to be more entrepreneurial and this is a great way to get started. I believe that with the support of my wife and by applying my knowledge of website creation and search engine optimization there is no reason why we can’t be successful in this venture, we just need to set realistic goals and stay focused.

Wish me luck πŸ™‚