With all the things that go on day to day, it can be difficult to find the time in the day to do all the things that you want to do. I have previously spoken about the challenges that I face when it comes to having enough time in the day, however something that I have been considering more and more lately is the idea of hiring people to outsource work to. Previously I have only ever outsourced packages of work – like say article writing for one of my niche websites, and that has gone pretty well. Now I am wondering if it is worthwhile hiring either a virtual assistant or even permanent writers to churn through the amount of work that i do not seem to have time to complete.

I have even been floating the idea of getting a house cleaner or washing and ironing person to help out around the house. Originally we thought that with my wife staying home full time to look after our son that she would have plenty of time to get everything done. However, she has started helping me out with many of our online businesses and so her time has also become very limited.

It just seems that there are too many opportunities that I want to get involved with and not enough time. Ultimately I would love to have a team of people that managed every aspect of my businesses, however at this point it just isn’t feasible and I like being the voice of Monster Piggy Bank and wouldn’t want to outsource this.

I was reading some articles recently around hiring help (here and here) and it all seems easy enough, but you need to make sure you can rely on the person you are outsourcing the work to. In the past I have had issues with at least 1 writer and I have had to get their work redone as they were blatantly copying other peoples work, which is entirely unacceptable.

Even just little things like hiring someone to help promote this website through commenting on other personal finance blogs might be of some help, as unfortunately this has been the main thing that I have dropped in order to expand my availability for other projects.



What is your experience with hiring help? Where did you go to find the person and what words of wisdom do you have for me?