With only about 10 weeks to go until Christmas, I have been noticing a lot more Christmas paraphernalia turning up in the shops and also on the TV. One of the advertisements that seems to always be on the TV is the Lalaloopsy Diaper Surprise. I have found it on YouTube and you can see it below – it’s charming…

Now I’m probably not the best judge of what is and isn’t a good toy for a little girl, but this one just doesn’t seem like the type of thing I would want my child playing with. I mean who would want a toy that poops stuff?

Anyway, as I was searching for the pooping doll advertisement on YouTube, I also came across this cracking video of the 20 worst toys to give children, and boy howdy are there some crackers in there.

I just can’t see who would ever think that dildo shaped toys, 911 plane disasters, Russian roulette toys, or concentration camps would ever be a good idea. Seriously! Who are the people in these marketing departments? All the more reason to avoid the commerciality of Christmas in my opinion.



The whole thing has got me thinking – What are some of the worst toys that you received as a child, or that you have seen marketed as being for children?